The Board

About the IJC Board

The IJC is registered as non-profit association in Belgium (also know as an ASBL in French or VZW, in Flemish). As such, it is administered by its members who convene at an annual General Assembly to elect their board members, who can serve up to two 3-year mandates each. The board includes no more than five members, at any given time. Board members communicate regularly with committee heads and various volunteers and meet regularly to determine the state of Community affairs by evaluating any issues and opportunities facing the community. The board delves into subjects spanning: logistical imperatives, staffing requirements for our Hebrew School, finances, overall membership status, long-term High Holiday planning, Rabbi’s contract, and much more. The various committees within the IJC report back to the board regularly on progress in their areas of focus.

As from July 1, 2018, board members are:

Steve Brummel – President                   

Anu Ristola         Peter Oliver

Ilana Sumka       Lisa Kelman