Rabbinical Intern: Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle is a familiar and welcoming face to all IJC members and has been an active contributor to the community for many years. As of September 1 2018, he
is officially IJC’s Rabbinical Intern responsible for services and other rabbinical duties. He will be supported and supervised by the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin where he is pursuing his rabbinical studies.


“It was a dream come true for me when the IJC conducted its recent Vision Meetings. I wanted us to think more deeply about what type of Jewish world we want to create within our community and how we can achieve our goals. And more specifically, what do we mean by progressive and inclusive? As a small European synagogue I believe we have an obligation to welcome Jews and their non-Jewish partners, together with those whose connection to Judaism is less traditionally defined. I want to engage and integrate new members, and those who want to convert - as I did. We also have an obligation to our current members, from the very young to the elderly, from those doing fine to those in need. ”

Brian is committed to learning from the community and to helping IJC achieve its goals together. Traditions evolve, and Jewish traditions are no different. “Each generation is called to incarnate those traditions in light of the current context, listening to the world in which we live, the insights of the progressive Jewish movement to which we belong, and our own intuitions and convictions.”
Brian commutes during term time between his home in Leuven – where he lives with his partner Peter and two children, Julie (10) and Thibault (13) – and Berlin. In addition to his work for the IJC, he is a part-time professor at KU Leuven, where he teaches courses in Hebrew, Hebrew Bible and Judaism.