High Holidays

Come to experience the High Holidays 5779 with the IJC family. If you are not a member call us at 0477 281 678 or email us for more information. Please register by filling this form. You can find the HH Schedule here.

One of the most important moments in the Jewish calendar, the High Holidays provide an opportunity for self-reflection and examination of our community and society. In that spirit the IJC celebration of these Days of Awe has a unique atmosphere. The services enable those who attend to find a space that is personal, meaningful, and spiritually reflective.

Rosh Hashanah is joyous and congenial, a celebration of the Jewish New Year and the first of the Ten Days of repentance. After the services and lunch we make our way to a nearby body of water and participate in Tashlich, the symbolic throwing away of our sins. The inspiration of Tashlich resonates with people long after they leave the water’s edge.

On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the IJC gathers again, finding in the words of the prayers, the music of the service and the company of fellow participants the wherewithal to reach a deeper dimension of meaning, consciousness and spirituality.

Children are more than welcome and are an integral part of High Holiday services.  For those who wish, there are also programs, activities, and  a service designed to give children an age-appropriate High Holiday experience.

We finish Yom Kippur with the final blast of the shofar, a brief, special Havdalah service and a communal meal to break the fast.

The IJC encourages everyone to participate in the celebration of the High Holidays. Members help plan services, read Torah, lead readings, and inspire each other.