Felix Nussbaum: a Gifted Painter Deported from Brussels

By Peter Oliver

Shortly after I settled in Brussels in 1978, I discovered the painter Felix Nussbaum, a German-Jewish artist who took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s with his Polish-born wife Felka Platek, also a painter. His later works display a deep sense of foreboding, typical of German art in the inter-war years which was suffused with bitterness and irony for obvious historical and political reasons.  In the late 1930s, his work became even more grim, as he had no illusions about his chances of survival under the Occupation.


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Hebrew School News

The teachers were very happy to start the New Year and meet the wonderful children of the IJC Hebrew School. Parents also had a great introductory session where we got to meet, catch up and hear from Brian about the curriculum and from Lisa about all the hard work she’s done to get this Corona-proof school year started. It promises to be a very fun and educational year for all!


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5781 Appeal: Goal Exceeded!

Our Treasurer David Sapiro reports that as of October 2, our 5781 online appeal had raised €19,462. Our goal was €16,000.

The same number of members gave as last year but the overall amount raised was higher.  Says David: "All credit goes to those that made it happen and that despite the lockdown/restrictions, IJC continues to thrive and people felt it was important to contribute. This result is better than I expected!"


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The Corona New Year

After the Corona spring and Corona summer, we face the Corona fall. I hope that your summer was relaxing, even though it might have been improvised. Patience and resilience are required before anything like normality returns. The IJC is taking baby steps to restart in-person services and community life.


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Preparing for the High Holidays

By Ilana Sumka

‘Ever since reading Rabbi Alan Lew’s book, “This Is Real And You Are Completely Unprepared” on personal and spiritual transformation during the Days of Awe, I have been captivated by the ways that facing our own mortality can be – perhaps ironically – deeply life-affirming.  I’m teaching two classes for IJC this fall to share this wise book and its profound lessons as spiritual preparation for the High Holidays. 


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A New Adventure

Abir Yisrael Mitra reports from Jerusalem

After a long period of living with uncertainty caused by the coronavirus crisis, I finally arrived in Israel mid-August to begin my studies at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. This is an egalitarian yeshiva in Jerusalem where students from all over the Jewish world come together every year to delve deep into an intensive study of classical Jewish texts that combines academic and traditional approaches.


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5781 Online Appeal

This year we will take the online approach to IJC fundraising which we successfully adopted last year.  Once again we want to avoid talking about fundraising during the High Holidays.  This will allow us to focus more on spiritual matters as well on charity projects in keeping with our progressive commitments. 

As many of you know, our annual dues provide only half of the IJC budget.  For the rest, we depend on donations. 

Our goal is to raise €16,000 for the year 5781 by the end of the High Holidays.  We will keep you regularly updated on our progress to this goal on the IJC website.


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