Einstein in Belgium

When paying a visit to the pretty seaside town of De Haan/ Coq sur Mer, head for Normandylaan. There you will come across a bench with a life-sized bronze statue of  Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Number 3, Villa Savoyarde in Shakespearelaan was home to the physicist and his wife from April to September 1933. 



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Gidon Lev: Rascal. Holocaust Survivor. Optimist.

By Simone Burger Robin

It is a very daunting “task” to write a relatively brief article on Gidon Lev,  a remarkable man, who has lived both a remarkable and multi-storied life. Gidon is the father of our IJC member Asher Lev. Gidon and his partner Julie Gray together wrote The True Adventures of Gidon Lev. Rascal. Holocaust Survivor. Optimist. (see the link at end of article and how to purchase the book).  




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Lecture: The History of Armageddon - January 16 at 5pm


The History of Armageddon - January 16 at 5pm

For our first 2022 lecture, we welcome Israeli archaeologist Naama Walzer who will take us on a virtual tour of the magnificent site and history of 123,000-year-old Tel Megiddo, once known as Armageddon.

Everyone has visited Megiddo —from pharaohs, Assyrian kins, General Allenby, and even Pope Paul VI.  Now you have the opportunity to visit it too!

Following in the footsteps of archaeologists who have worked at the site for more than 100 years, Naama will lead us through the remains of the 20 strata which have housed 30 ancient cities built over the centuries, one on top of the other. She will give the highlights of the Tel’s history, the latest studies, and talk about some of the controversies that challenge the historical truth of some biblical stories.

About the Speaker

Naama Walzer is doing her PhD at Tel Aviv University, where she has done all of university studies. Her Master’s thesis  focused on the Intermediate Bronze Age. Her PhD topic is the social complexity in the transition from 3000 to 2000 BC, as seen through ceramic production.

During her archaeological studies Naama has excavated at Tel Megiddo, Kiriath-Yearim (which is said to have housed the Ark of the Covenant), Masada, and many other sites.

IJC Hanukkah -- Online & Around The World

At the darkest time of the year and in the midst of a continuing pandemic seemingly without end, the IJC for the second year in a row celebrated Hanukkah with a new tradition to brighten up our lives.  We gathered the Community online each night to light the Hanukkah candles, sing songs and tell stories. For the first seven nights, the candle lighting was hosted by members and former members living both in and outside Belgium.  On the eighth night we held an amazing party online.  Originally planned as an in-person event, the party itself was a miracle (or should I say another miracle of Hanukkah). Due to the rapidly changing infection situation in Belgium, the IJC had to suddenly re-imagine it as a virtual party within eight days.


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Save the Date!

Our first IJC adult education talk of 2022 will be on Sunday 16th January at 17:00.  It will be given by the archaeologist Naama Walzer from Israel, when she will be giving us a virtual tour of the site on which she works (Armageddon) and many stories about it.

IJC Guest Lecture Series: The Global-Affairs Shock Waves of Afghanistan

Join us via Zoom on Sunday, 21st November, at 4 p.m. to hear two renowned security experts explain and discuss with us the post-Afghanistan world. 

The wars and the West's departure from Afghanistan may be something we'd all like to forget about, letting them slide into the abyss that holds the other things we are unable to change or control. 

But what happened in Afghanistan last summer, what is continuing to happen there, and other events such as the new Australian, UK, and US security pact (AUKUS) have caused shifting tectonic plates in foreign, defence and security policy across the globe, according to the renowned security experts Ilana Bet-El and Rupert Smith.  

What will be the impacts in Europe and the Middle East? How will it affect our futures and the future of Israel? What do our political leaders need to do now and in the future to protect us and our children? 

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 Dr. Ilana Bet-El is an historian, writer and senior strategist, specializing in political risk, reputation management, positioning and negotiation. A former senior policy adviser in the UN, she has more than 20 years’ experience in international consultancy, advising governments and companies on politics, public policy, reputation and communications in Europe, the Middle East, the Trans-Atlantic community and NATO.

 In addition to her consulting work, Ilana is a Senior Visiting Fellow at King’s College Department of War Studies, a Senior Associate Fellow at Belgium's Royal Institute for International Affairs, a Senior Associate Fellow at the European Leadership Network (ELN), and a member of the Advisory Board of Women In International Security (WIIS).

General Sir Rupert Anthony Smith, is a retired British Army officer and author of The Utility of Force. He served in Northern Ireland, later becoming a senior commander in the Gulf War where he led the largest British armoured force deployed in action since World War II, for which he was awarded the British Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and the US Legion of Merit. Rupert was also a senior commander during the Bosnian War, for which he was recognized with the award of a bar to his DSO. He later became NATO's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the post he held upon his retirement from the army.

Baalei Tefillah Europe Shabbaton at IJC

As many may have heard, this year we have participated in Baalei Tefillah Europe. This groundbreaking program has trained 29 continental Progressive Jewish prayer leaders from all over Europe, including from the IJC and Beth Hillel communities.

We are excited to announce that to culminate the year of learning, the IJC will host a weekend Shabbaton in our premises from the 10th to 12th of December 2021 In Brussels. 


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