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“Check out Rabbi Ira's blog here which reflects on the recent Israeli elections”.


Book Lovers' Corner


War and Peace for the 20th Century 


Life and Fate is a 1959 novel by Vasily Grossman - a Ukrainian Jew and correspondent for a Soviet military paper during World War II. Life and Fate was his magnum opus.


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What's in a Name?



More than forty years ago, Harry Swalef, long time IJC member, discovered the unexpected origin and meaning of his unusual family name.  Since then, he has been fascinated - not to say obsessed - by the subject. 


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A Peek behind the Iron Curtain


“The wall has come down!” my brother cried. “Now at last we can visit our family in Slovakia without being followed by the KGB”.


My father was born in Eastern Slovakia, in a small town called Kosice, but had managed to escape just before the Germans invaded and joined the Czechoslovak unit of the British army. 


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My mother, Hanni Hahn, fled Germany for the UK in 1939, leaving behind her parents who did not survive. In early November, on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, my maternal grandparents were finally commemorated in their hometown of Göttingen. Here are some impressions.


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Rabbi Ira Goldberg New IJC Rabbi

The IJC congregation is delighted and proud to announce Rabbi Ira Goldberg as its new Rabbi. This follows a 7-month search to find a replacement for Rabbi Nathan who leaves for Singapore later this month. Rabbi Goldberg’s skills, experience and personality perfectly match IJC’s values and mission. 

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IJC's Chanukah Happening

IJC’s Chanukah Happening

If you think Chanukah is just for kids, think again. The IJC's December 14 Chanukah party from
1 - 5pm will surprise you with activities for all ages.

This is a great time for the whole community to come together - and bring friends as well. To whet your appetite, here are a few details:

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