Pesach – and Food...

Favourite recipes from Valerie P

I love the Pesach traditions and when sitting around the Seder night table, I think of all the Seders I spent as a child with my parents and grandparents, and I think of previous generations I never knew celebrating in different lands.  I also think of Jews around the world celebrating the liberation from slavery and the arrival of the Israelites in the Land of Israel.  I feel a connection to all of them. And that connection also has very much to do with food.


The recipes I would like to share are, first and foremost, a traditional chicken soup.  When it is cooking on the stove, the aroma also brings back memories.  Coconut pyramids were my Mother’s favourite and we often made them together.  I was also the official plava maker in the family and I made plavas for all my aunts.  It was not a favourite with one of my uncles who called it ‘ersatz blotting paper’, but everyone else enjoyed them!

A Happy Pesach to everyone!