IJC’s Off Broadway Purim Party

By Harriet Behrman

Judging from the positive comments posted in the Zoom chat box, I think that it is fair to say that the IJC off Broadway Purim production was a great success!  One of the advantages of being on Zoom this year was that we could reach people far and wide who would not have been able to attend in person. Gilly Weinstein in New York wrote, “This was impressive! Next year on Broadway!’ while George Perlov in Berlin wrote, “Thanks everyone for a fun Purim.”



When Ilana asked me whether I would be in her Purim Megillah play, I immediately agreed. I saw it as an opportunity to do something different and to be able to break up the monotony of daily life during Covid. Then came the challenge of how best to portray my part as Carshena, the King’s servant. Another advantage of being on Zoom is that, as we all know, you only have to worry about how you look from the waist up! My father’s battered, old black hat, lots of black eye liner and a black jumper sufficed for the transformation. 

I enjoyed very much playing a role in the IJC’s Purim Megillah play and it was good fun. If our efforts brought some much needed joy and humour to our community, then we met our objectives. Well done to all those involved in the production!