Virtual High Holy Days a Huge Success

We asked members how they experienced the virtual services; and we ask Anneke how it felt from the Bimah… here is what you said:


I enjoyed the High Holy Day services and experienced them as meaningful and spiritual. Brian, Anneke and Marty worked very well together under the unusual and challenging circumstances. Jesse and his technical team with their expertise crated a feeling of community with members being able to participate and read prayers, poems and excerpts from their homes.  Mazel Tov and Toda.

 Harriet B 

Photo: Jesse, Tereza, Brian, Anneke, and Alexandre at the tech table.


I was a zoom service cynic and now I am truly converted.

David S


It was very impressive how well it all went and personally I enjoyed the service very much.  A big thank you to the team.

Miriam M

It was the first time for me to experience a Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Service online. I think it was well organized. Surely, it took a lot of work and effort to make it the success that it was. Congratulations to Brian, Anneke, Marty and Jesse for their efforts. I enjoyed the inclusive feeling of participating even though it was from a distance. As I don't read Hebrew, I appreciated listening to the readings in English.

Judy B

I would like to thank Brian, Anneke, Marty, Anu, Jesse and all the IJC team for the great job they did in preparing the services for the High Holidays.  I enjoyed the spiritual preparation classes from Ilana and the services and found them very meaningful.  Although we were not physically all together, it felt as though Brian and the IJC team had created synagogues in our homes.

Valerie P

My wholehearted congratulations to the IJC team for the wonderful job they did in bringing the High Holiday services to all of us, and uniting us despite our different locations. I was impressed by the way the siddur/“prayer book" was arranged and given to us to use. I found the Yiskor ceremony of the 7 candles and 7 steps of grieving moving, and the texts used to accompany the service beautiful, spiritual, and helpful.

Helen B

And from the Bimah, Anneke says:

Connection above perfection' was my mind set going in, and miraculously everything worked out well.  The strangest thing is not getting any energy back when one is at the Bimah, so it was all riding on 'kavanah' meaning 'intention'. And the intention was to connect.

Even though this was my first time, I felt totally at home and in sync with Brian and Marty. 'Connection above perfection' was the perfect companion for these Holy Days. I missed seeing the faces and smiles of our members but I felt very connected to our Belgian community and to those Zooming in from Berlin to Jerusalem to New York .

This would not have been possible without the amazing, calm and professional support of Jesse, Tereza and Alexandre who made sure that everything went smoothly. At one point we lost the connection to Marty but I don’t think anyone noticed! And we couldn’t see any of the participants so Tereza would slip Brain updated lists of who was on Zoom so he knew who to invite to read. It's all these small things that made everything seem so effortless.