Hebrew School News

The teachers were very happy to start the New Year and meet the wonderful children of the IJC Hebrew School. Parents also had a great introductory session where we got to meet, catch up and hear from Brian about the curriculum and from Lisa about all the hard work she’s done to get this Corona-proof school year started. It promises to be a very fun and educational year for all!


For the Kita Aleph kids, taught by Hadar, the children took some time to adapt to the new group but quickly they had a lot of fun. They learned about some colours, figures and animals. Plus they designed cards for Rosh Hashanah. The Kita Bet kids - co-taught by Joris and Abbi (which Sarah will soon be teaching) - learned about the ethics of Pirkei Avot, especially as it relates to social responsibilities, cooperation, and the environment. They also enjoyed some great songs led by Abbi! Next month they will be learning about cyclical thinking, different new years, time cycles (e.g. Lunar, Muslim, Hindu, Gregorian, Jewish calendars). They also will make sure to play lots of games!

The Bat/Bar Mitzvah group’s first lesson of the year included a great introductory discussion about what Judaism is and what being Jewish means to them. During the second lesson they focused on Shabbat: the basic laws and customs and what their origins are.  During October they will learn about the holidays of the month of Tishrei. As always, the first hour of school is dedicated to Hebrew reading from the siddur.

Anya Topolski