Hebrew School Update

As the saying goes “Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’simcha” – as the month of Adar starts, we rejoice! And indeed, this month at our Hebrew School (HS) is full of joy and excitement, with Purim as its highlight. The older HS children are preparing the traditional Purim Spiel, the younger kids are learning the joyful holiday songs, and all are excited about the swapping of “Mishlochei Manot” with good things in them. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in our Purim party on 14 March!


Celebrating the month of Adar continues the general theme in the HS this year, of becoming familiar with the Hebrew Calendar. Throughout the year, the younger children are making crafts and hearing stories about the different periods of the year and the festivals. The older children are learning the names of the Hebrew months, as well as Gematria – counting with the Hebrew letters and recognizing Hebrew dates.

We also saw this theme in our celebration of Tu Bi’Shvat last month, which gave us the opportunity to discuss the agricultural times of the year and the typical fruits and symbols of the four seasons. It was also an opportunity to strengthen the value of protecting nature, one of the important values we include throughout our HW program. 

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to send a very warm thank you to Jonatan and Nada Joppe, who swept up the HS in their lively and fascinating storytelling and puppet-shows of stories from the bible. We and the kids are very much looking forward to their next visits!

Maayan Morali