Andrés Mosquera in the News

IJC member Andrés Mosquera takes his Judaism so seriously that he has just finished the first year - of six years - of Rabbinical Studies with the WUPJ-accredited Instituto Rabínico (IIFRR) of Buenos Aires. Back in November 2018 during the EUPJ meeting in Brussels, Carol Sterling chairman of the WUJP told him that a new rabbinical institute (IIFRR) had just started in Buenos Aires. Andrés says: ‘Although my plan was to apply to Leo Baeck in 2023, I decided to start earlier and did so in March 2019. My motivation is both the need to learn coupled with the vocation of wanting to help others to understand Judaism.’


Rabbi Mark Neiger had told Andres that rabbinical studies require time because they are transformative. ‘This is exactly what I’m experiencing with my studies, Andrés says. ‘The first year has been transformative with an intensive program and two residencies. And there is semester at Hebrew Union College Jerusalem which Andrés intends to complete at end of this year or next.

We wish him all the best with this future studies!

As if this wasn’t enough, Andres and his eldest son Avi recently published an article in Devarim, a Brazilian Jewish magazine entitled ‘The Charismatic Power of Judaism’. It is in Portuguese and can be consulted here. Avi is studying Philosophy and Tel Aviv University.