The Art of Torah Chanting - An Introduction to Leyning

Few IJC members are able to chant from the Sefer Torah . It takes practice. However, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment as one stands before the congregation and leyns or chants part of the weekly Torah portion. For the community, leyning is a beautiful enhancement of the service, combining the meaning of the text with ancient melodies. For the person chanting from the Torah, it is often an intense and spiritual experience.


If you too wish to learn how to leyn, join us for the very first time for a three-part course in which Anneke Silverstein will guide you through all the steps of cantillation. All of our bar/bat mitzvah students go through the same process, so don't be too intimidated, you can do this too!

Session 1: February 8, 13:30 - 15.00 @ Beth Hillel

Session 2: February 22, 13:30 - 15.00 @ Beth Hillel

Session 3: Date and location to be determined

Registration is free for members of the IJC and 10€ to non-members.

For more info and registration please write to