Hebrew School Off to Great Start

Our Hebrew School is off to a great start with 24 students and three new teachers. We are thrilled that Maayan Morali has agreed to be the Head Teacher of the school.   Kids in our Hebrew school experience both the Hebrew language and the culture, values and customs of progressive Judaism, reports IJC Board Member Lisa Kelman.

Kita Aleph, the youngest members of Hebrew school, learn through from singing, playing and getting familiar with the Hebrew letters.  Learning to read Hebrew and being exposed to Jewish ideas and traditions are the goals of Kita Bet. And in preparation for their B’nei Mitzvahs, reading in the siddur and discussing Judaism more deeply.

A great example was last week’s session on Rosh Hashanah - the holiday symbols were introduced through games, discussions and a craft. The B’nei Mitzvah class led the blessings before sharing apples and honey. Special thanks to Jesse Karotkin who very skillfully demonstrated the Shofar blowing and explained about different types of Shofars!

This year, the HS will bring back the tradition of a Tzedakah Box - in line with discussing the ideas of Tikkun Olam and the importance of caring for others and for the world. The kids and their parents are invited to make small donations throughout the year, and the money will be donated to good causes.  The children are asked to learn about issues that will benefit from their donation.