IJC Welcome Lunch - Saturday September 7, 2019

The IJC invites you and your families to join us for lunch at our first Shabbat together after the summer holidays.

New members, returning members, friends and anyone interested in getting to know the IJC community is warmly welcomed to join us for Shabbat morning services followed by lunch on September 7 at 12.00pm.  This will be a chance to get to know who’s who at IJC and learn more about the IJC community.

Returning members: please sign up on this google spreadsheet to indicate which dish you can bring, and let us know if you can help set up or clean up.  If you have trouble with the google sign-up form, please simply send your dish to info@ijc.be.

As we begin the new year, this is an opportunity to connect with newcomers, greet old friends and start the new year together.

We kindly request your RSVP with the number of adults and kids attending to info@ijc.be by Tuesday September 3, 2019.

Important notice to newcomers:

Note that if this is your first time attending an IJC service at Beth Hillel, one week prior to the event please read and follow these guidelines regarding security.  Please bring photo ID to the lunch and be prepared for some questions from the security guard.