Continuing The Vision Process

It’s been a year since our successful three-part Vision Meetings took place during the Spring of 2018.  So on Sunday May 5, about twenty IJC members reconvened to check in on our progress, asking themselves how far we’ve come in the past year and what work still needs to be done.  The meeting was filled with engaging conversation and thoughtful deliberation.  We were led by experienced group facilitators Anita Sheehan and Tom Koninckx who asked provocative questions and reflected back their observations.

We revisited the Four Practices identified by the community last year: Holding meaningful and regular Shabbat and Holiday services; Providing educational opportunities; Transparent leadership and Responsibility for a growing and sustainable community; and Caring for the ‘invisible’ and those in need.

Overall, there was a sense that much progress has been made in all four areas, even though there is still work to be done.  We identified a dynamic in the IJC whereby a small number of committed people take on a significant share of IJC’s work, while many others would like to be involved but are not always sure of the best path to do that. 

Moving forward, we identified five “clusters” as immediate priorities: improving internal organization; vibrant, dynamic and spiritually compelling programming; membership; participative communications; and relations with other communities.   All IJC members are invited and encouraged to find a meaningful way to be involved in the community.

Ilana Sumka