‘A Wonderful and Meaningful Day’

At the Auschwitz Memorial

At the Auschwitz Memorial


Reflections on Jewish Amsterdam trip

‘It was a wonderful and a meaningful experience to explore Jewish Amsterdam with IJC. The trip was very well organized in terms of logistics thanks to the organizer, Yves Feller. Joris was a great tour guide, and the guides from the Jewish Museum made our exploration more informative and meaningful. At a personal level, visiting Amsterdam's Jewish past, which involved so much suffering and pain during the Holocaust, was a highly emotional experience for me. And it was impressive how, within a short span of time, we covered a wide range of places with everything beautifully explained.’ Abir Mitra

‘Especially fascinating to me was learning that Amsterdam was a melting pot of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews -- and that the two had a complicated relationship. Makes sense: the merchant class of Sephardim worked hard to win tolerance and grudging respect from the Dutch and weren't so thrilled by the arrival of the poor, huddled masses from the shtetls. Joris Visser brought this all to life. We were so lucky to have an expert Amsterdam native give us a tour. And this of course captures something I love about IJC: we're a diverse group of members eager to volunteer and share our knowledge.’ Sarah Wheaton

‘The trip took us Amsterdam's rich and fascinating Jewish world, guided by both gifted and thoughtful experts from the Amsterdam Jewish museums, as well as by our own Joris Visser.   It was a wonderful way both to learn new things, as well as to get to know our IJC community better. The children had a chance to prepare challah and to learn about aspects of Jewish history and communal life. We hope we can arrange similar events in the future!’ Claude Cahn

On the way back to Brussels in the Rainbowbus we were already talking about the next trip, the next destination. That says it all: this flawlessly organized trip to Amsterdam was a real eye-opener and sparked some inspiring conversations. A precious gift from Yves and Joris to all of us!  Johan Buytaert

"It was cool to run around with the other kids, press buttons and see videos with stories. The children's part of the museum was fab and we got to make challah and eat it!' Julie Verkinderen

And a final word from Yves Feller, IJC’s intrepid organizer: ‘Thank you for participating! You are the reason this was a successful field trip. If you joined us for the first time without knowing anyone, I hope your courage paid off and you got to experience the warmth and welcoming ways the IJC community is known for.’

Kids Listening at Portuguese Synagogue

Joris Visser IJC guide

Organizer Yves Feller