Lift-off for Progressive Jewish Voice to EU

Read special report on Brussels Shabbaton

It's official: the EUPJ European Union Office in Brussels is open for business! Nearly 100 people celebrated the event and attended the Brussels Shabbaton over the weekend of November 9-11 hosted by the IJC, Beth Hillel and the EUPJ.

The events gave delegates from almost every EUPJ member country the chance to connect and re-connect, attend Shabbat services together, tour Brussels, participate in workshops and remember the tragedy of the First World War and Kristallnacht in 1938.

Most of all though , it was an opportunity to celebrate the culmination of nearly two years of planning, talking, networking and more to ensure that Progressive Judaism has a voice in all corners of the European Union and related institutions. IJC's Bill Echikson was instrumental in making this happen.

A special edition of the EUPJ newsletter is available for you to find out more about the celebrations. Download it here !

Steve Brummel