Jewish Walking Tour of "Marolles-Midi" neighbourhood

On a Saturday in mid-October, some 15 IJC members and friends took this engaging Brussels walking tour organized by La Fondation Auschwitz/Memoire d'Auschwitz ASBL. On a beautiful sunny morning, it followed various individuals and their stories illustrating what Jewish life was like in this neighbourhood - the heart of what used to the main "Jewish area" of Brussels - from the 1920s to the Second World War.

Many Jews migrated there as a safe place. We all know that this was not to last, and the tour explained in vivid and very personal ways about life in the "Marolles-Midi" before or after WWII. Our thanks to our very knowledgeable guide Daniel Weyssow.

The tour was fully booked within hours of being announced, so another tour is planned for the spring.