Rabbi Nathan Weds Shelly - By Valerie Perales

For those of you who  have fond memories of Rabbi Nathan Alfred (a former rabbi of IJC), you will be pleased to know that on 26 July, 2018, Nathan married his beautiful Israeli bride in Kibbutz Beit Oren in the Carmel Forest.  The couple met in Brussels where Shelly, a talented young artist, was exhibiting her work.  Nathan and Shelly had kindly arranged interesting visits for the wedding guests before and after the wedding celebration.

There was a tour of the Carmel Winery and the nearby historic town of Zichron Yaakov, a trip to Tel Aviv including the old port of Jaffa and on the Sunday, a guided tour of the Old City in Jerusalem.

The wedding was a joyous occasion with the families of the bride and groom gathering under the chuppah.  Sadly, Nathan’s parents are no longer here but Nathan wore a crocheted kippah that his mother had made for him.  The rabbi officiating was Thomas Kucera who is the rabbi of the Reform Community of Munich, Germany.  After the ceremony, Nathan and Shelly danced under the chuppah with the family joining in.  Then there was food, music and dancing and a minimum of speeches!

Together with guests from a multitude of countries, Andrew (Somogyi) and I (Valerie Perales) were thrilled to be invited and so happy to see Nathan and Shelly married.  We were joined by other present and former IJC members: Miriam Mark, Andy Harris, Roddy Develle, Michael Garelick, Olga Solomon and their children, Philippe Jeanrenaud and his boys, Paco Bataller, Andrew Mosqera with son Avi, and Jonathan Wootliffe and Sandra.

Everyone wished a long and happy life to Nathan and Shelly.

Valerie Perales is an IJC member