Passover and the Story of Freedom - Seder Night@IJC

As one of the major Jewish holidays, Passover marks an important moment to celebrate together as a community . On Friday night March 30, 2018 about 40 persons gathered to do just that: they read, listened, talked, reflected ... and of course ate and drank!  Young and young-at-heart, regulars, first-time visitors and passers-by alike, people from diverse geographic and religious backgrounds, all found each other and revelled in each other's company. 



Maror was bitter but charoset was sweet. Karpas and chazeret, zeroah and beitzah occupied their traditional spots on the Seder plate, but the IJC Haggadah allowed for the discovery of old and new
meanings. Rabbi Ira led the Seder and gave useful incentives for thinking about past, present, and future. Importantly, the table setting facilitated multiple conversations and provided a pleasant opportunity to get to know a bit better that person you just knew from saying "hi" and "Shabbat Shalom" to.

The enthusiasm and efforts of everyone who made this Seder possible are much appreciated. Or, in the words of Rebecca from Montreal, Canada: "I had a really lovely time at the IJC Seder! I left with the sense that I had found a missing piece of myself. Thank you for helping me gain access to that."


Alexander - a Belgian/Bulgarian IJC Member - contributed this article. He studied Law at VUB and currently works for the EU.