Super Shabbat was Super!

On March 17, IJC celebrated another successful Super Shabbat with approximately 40 participants from across the membership. The youngest new members (just a few months!) to many older members came together for this lovely day.  The community and Hebrew School participated in an abbreviated family service enjoying the children’s Siddur and participation by the school. 



After Kiddush, which featured a scrumptious IJC-baked cinnamon challah, the children broke off to engage in some activities organized by the school such as making a Seder plate.  

The morning program began with a choice for adults of a relaxing Jewish yoga class or mental stimulation in the form of linguistic comments on the text of the Haggadah led by member Harry Swalef. We all then shared a delicious and warm community pot luck lunch. 

After refueling, the afternoon featured a choice of activities.  Adults could discuss reading the Torah through ecological eyes and how this might apply to the Ten Plagues; a personal ‘spring cleaning’ session taking stock of resolutions made during the past High Holidays to improve ourselves and the world around us; and a look at the Haggadah as symbol of the Jewish story of origin looking at art work parallels from tribes around the world. 

For children, activities ranged from a workshop on how to engage young people in a fun and meaningful way in the Seder to Jewish music for Pesach and a Jewish arts and crafts making decorations for the IJC Seder on March 30. 

Great fun was had by all!


Contributed by Pam Meisel & Paul Cohen