Global Jews – Global Food dinner

An overflow crowd gathered at Toukoul Ethiopian restaurant in the center of Brussels one evening in late February for the first of a dinner series ‘Global Jews-Global Food’. It was a fine evening in which we enjoyed great Ethiopian food and learned about the Ethiopian Jewish community. 



A mix of people from IJC and Beth Hillel learned from Rabbis Marc Neiger and Ira Goldberg about the history of Ethiopian Jewry and modern events surrounding the community from Operation Solomon which airlifted the community to Israel, to their lives and experience there. The food served on woven baskets, shared by three or four people, was delicious and the live music added to the ambiance. 

The next Global Jews-Global Food dinner will take place Saturday evening 5 May and will focus on the Russian Jewish community. Join us then for excellent Russian cuisine and conversation about one of the most populous and influential Jewish communities in the world today.