IJC Fundraiser with US Holocaust Museum Curator

A small group of IJC members and friends enjoyed a home-cooked gourmet meal on January 29 in the home of IJC members to help raise funds for the IJC. They listened to US Holocaust Museum chief curator Steven Luckert discuss the exhibition on Nazi Propaganda which opened recently at the European Parliament's Parliamentarium in Brussels.  


Steve Luckert and his party were thrilled to be at a private home for dinner. In a very relaxed atmosphere, they gave a 45 minute talk and answered many questions.  Gilbert Lederman from Beth Hillel was there and was delighted to attend. He remarked that English-speakers are very creative and lively and he looks forward to attending more such events.  The IJC hopes to stage more dinners with speakers in the future.

Of course the talk was chilling as everyone realized how the current situation in many ways is replicating key elements of the past.  

The exhibition ‘State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda’ runs until May 13.