Chanukah Success!

The IJC Chanukah party held at member Lisa and Joris’ house on December 16 was a huge success. Lots of kids, families and many new faces joined in the fun.  This was IJC at its best!

Lisa and Joris live in a former 'temple' in Brussels built early last century by an eccentric 'cult' dedicated to 'healing', so festivities were held in a beautiful and welcoming space shaped like a church, complete with choir loft. (How about that for progressive?!)



There were Dreidel games for the kids, a besamim workshop where the newly-made boxes were then used during Havdalah, an Interfaith Family Havdalah book with blessings and explanations, plus lots of Chanukah songs. And the food overflowed - a full dinner for those who were really hungry.  No-one counted how many chanukiahs were lit!

IJC member Leslie Oversteyns who was at Nativitas when our charity donation was dropped off says: WOW! My heart was totally filled to see how generous our community is - YET AGAIN!! All that food will go towards making food baskets for over 100 families in need - and will be delivered in time for Christmas. Mazel Tov IJC - a great deed has been done!

So a big Thank You to Lisa and Joris for their hospitality, to all those who helped prepare the party, to all who came and donated to Nativitas.