Thanking all Volunteers: Final push December 9


Talking about moving and actually getting down to the nitty gritty of doing it are two totally  different things! Thanks to a call for help from IJC Moving Committee chair George Perlov, IJC members came in numbers to help out.  Seeing so many people roll up their sleeves over two Saturday afternoons was positive, heartening and inspiring!



The goal was to identify what we will take to Beth Hillel, what we will sell/give away and what we will throw away. On both afternoons, people brought boxes of all shapes and sizes while George brought packing tape, dots in various colors to code each box and packing labels to direct each box on arrival at Beth Hillel – towards the sanctuary, library, kitchen or classrooms.

Each time, we quickly divided into teams and got going! Up in the Hebrew School classrooms Alex Licht took a trip down memory lane with Gilly finding work by kids who are now leaving High School for University! Anu oversaw the kitchen team, Rabbi Ira supervised the sorting and packing of liturgical materials while others were going through library materials. And when pizza arrived, everyone took a welcome break! 

George is a relative newcomer to the IJC community and says:  ‘I’ve been extremely impressed by everyone’s can-do attitude. I’m hopeful that our actual move on December 9 will go as smoothly as the sorting and packing work so far. Thanks to everyone who volunteered and showed up to help.’

Those volunteers included – and we hope we haven’t missed anyone:

George Perlov, Anu Ristola, Sune Knudsen, Brian Doyle, Alex Licht, Alexandra Varese, Pearl Mark,  Chana Mark, Peter Oliver, Michelle Dastin – Van Rijn, Harriet Behrman, Elizabeth Garlick, Imke Roebken, Nora Roebken, Nada Joppe, Alexander Loengarov, Dafna Friedman, Maayan Morali, Diana Kanter, Rabbi Ira, Steve Brummel, Eli Zafroni, Gilly Weinstein.

A final word from George: “we will be hiring a van for the actual move on Saturday December 9th after services and will need volunteers with and without cars to help move some additional boxes, as well as load and unload. Strong teens and younger people especially welcome! ‘ 

Please contact George at if you can be of service.