Announcing Beutel Leadership Seminar

 The WUPJ Center for Leadership Development and Education invites you to join the Beutel Leadership Seminar, February 15-25, 2018 in Jerusalem.This annual seminar develops leadership skills, communication skills, Hebrew language skills, cultural diversity training and programmatic skills. It enables participants to increase their knowledge about Israel as a Jewish state and its connection to Jewish history and Judaism.  



The seminar offers the ability to unlock Israel in a way that enables the participants to find a place for Israel in their own Jewish journeys.

Join us as we:  

·     Spend 10 days learning with exceptional Reform Jewish leaders from around the world

·     Grapple with critical issues facing Israel and the Jewish People

·     Use sites of Israel to explore issues vital to the Jewish People

·     Encounter top leaders of the Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism

·     Explore history, culture, spirituality, Hebrew, politics, and more

·     Connect with others about common challenges like engaging young adults,   balancing innovation and tradition and more

The Faculty

The Saltz faculty includes some of the most accomplished scholars and educators in the world.

The Participants

This is a unique opportunity to experience Progressive Jewish Peoplehood while learning with leaders from around the world. The international makeup of our participants adds perspective and insight

The Location

Beit Shmuel-Mercaz Shimshon, headquarters of the WUPJ, the Saltz Center overlooks the dramatic walls of Jerusalem's Old City.   

Financial assistance is available 

For more information, sample schedule, and application contact Rabbi Steve Burnstein: 

Or online at: