Combating anti-Semitism – One Action at a Time

IJC member Julia Mozer recently posted this on her Facebook page.  With Julia's permission, we are sharing it with the IJC community.

“There comes a time when one has to grab the keyboard and express the thoughts that are boiling inside - even if I am not one to share long messages on Facebook.  Antisemitism keeps happening and there seems to be no stopping it: from fatal hate crimes like the one in Halle, Germany to clear incitement to hatred in Belgium.

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Profile : Maayan Morali

Meet our Hebrew School head teacher

“As I enjoy the end of the month of Tishrei, all the excitement of the holydays, and start preparing for ‘Mar-Cheshvan’ (the ‘bitter’ month of Cheshvan - as it has no holydays - but is an opportunity to get some work done and engage with content beyond the holydays), I take this opportunity to tell the IJC a bit more about myself and my connection to the IJC.

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IJC Conversion Class and Sukkot

The holiday of Sukkot emphasizes the tradition of “Ushpizin,” Aramaic for ‘guests.’ On Sukkot, we invite both Biblical guests – Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca – as well as actual guests into the temporary huts that we build for the occasion.  This year, I had the honor of inviting IJC’s conversion students to my sukkah in Leuven and the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a cozy meal.

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Women of the Wall @ Beth Hillel November 30

Beth Hillel will again celebrate a Shabbat in support of Women of the Wall. The service is on November 30 and is open to all. There are no IJC services that day. Beth Hillel are inviting men and women from the IJC community to join them to share this service together, including sharing our liturgy with the Beth Hillel community.

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Music and Politics during the inter-war Years – November 9 & 10

The Auschwitz Foundation is organizing an international colloquium in Brussels on November 9 and 10 on the role music played in politics in the inter-war years. It will highlight the way in which propaganda was spread through European musical culture. The event is free. There will be simultaneous translation into French, English and Dutch. Read more here.
Registration is compulsory at or 02 512 79 98.

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My Grandfather’s Lost Judaica

‘My mother, Hanni Hahn, fled Germany for the UK in 1939, leaving behind her parents who did not survive. Her father - my grandfather - Max Hahn was a leading industrialist and philanthropist in his hometown of Göttingen, President of the Conservative Jewish Community. And he was one of the leading collectors of Judaica of the interwar years in Europe,’ writes IJC member Diana Kanter.

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Hebrew School Off to Great Start

Our Hebrew School is off to a great start with 24 students and three new teachers. We are thrilled that Maayan Morali has agreed to be the Head Teacher of the school.   Kids in our Hebrew school experience both the Hebrew language and the culture, values and customs of progressive Judaism, reports IJC Board Member Lisa Kelman.

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