What IJC Means during Confinement

IJC has meant a lot of different things to different people during the Covid 19 lockdown in Belgium. We asked members to tell us in their own words….. Read here what Sarah, Maria, Judy, Valerie, Lisa, Julia and Johan told us.


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My New Corona Family

By Marty Eisenstein

Imagine working with your 20 year old son on a college essay that may change the trajectory of his life.  Except that your son is on a Greek island, far away from his home, where he can’t speak the local language and you can only communicate via WhatsApp in writing - as the signal is not strong enough for voice calls.  A parental relationship with an adolescent is never easy. But think how much more difficult it is when your son is recently adopted and is a tattooed, 20 year old aspiring Syrian rapper. Muhamed arrived six months ago on the island of Chios from Turkey.


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NOA Job Opportunities

The Networks Overcoming Antisemitism (NOA) Project, coordinated by CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, is recruiting now for National Lead and Junior Researchers in five countries and for Thematic Experts.


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Bar Mitzvah in the Time of Pandemic

Diana Kanter’s US-based cousin Ralph Ibson recounts …

What’s the experience of a bar mitzvah during a pandemic? Living in the United States, where states have set policies to contain the virus’ spread, we were uncertain for weeks whether my grandson’s bar mitzvah would take place, and, if so, under what circumstances. The date of May 2nd had been reserved for more than a year. Elliott, the bar mitzvah boy, had been working with a tutor and the cantor since last August to prepare for the ceremony. Invitations went out in March. 


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Symbols of Hope and Positive Thinking

By Maayan Morali

On 11-12 May, we will mark Lag Baomer. The story associated with this holiday is about Rabbi Akiva and his students. They were hit by a terrible plague, killing 24,000 of them over a short period. However, for one day during this difficult time the plague stopped - and during that day, nobody died. For me this story symbolizes hope and finding the positive things, even in bad times.


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IJC Favorite Finds During Lockdown

Looking for new things to try online? IJCers share some of their favorite lockdown websites!



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Networks Overcoming Anti-Semitism Group Wins European Grant

The European Union of Progressive Judaism (EUPJ) and four other Jewish groups have won a EUR 943,000 European Commission grant to produce report cards on how governments should combat the scourge of anti-Semitism. The IJC is a member of the EUPJ. One of our founders, Bill Echikson, runs the EUPJ’s office in Brussels. Jesse Goldberg, our IJC administrator, assists him.


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