CEJI Seeks a European Project Coordinator

The CEJI is seeking a full time project coordinator for a new two-year EU funded project called Networks Overcoming Antisemitism (NOA). The position is based in Brussels and applications should be submitted by January 24. A detailed job description can be found here.

Bake - Pray - Eat

IJC's first challah baking event, Bake - Pray - Eat, took place early December before Friday services. We learned how to braid Challots with three or four braids. Mark Silverstein showed us how to master the extra challenging six braid challah. While waiting for the dough to rise, the bakers learned a new Sabbath song from Anneke Silverstein.

Hanukkah Party Beats Record

On December 22nd over 100 IJC members gathered to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. Weeks earlier it became clear that this record turnout would require us to move the celebration from a member's home to IJC. Young and old feasted on delicious latkes prepared by the Vissers, Claude Cahn and Mark Silverstein. Kudos to our chefs who spent the evening cooking in hot oil!


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Visit to New Delhi Synagogue

IJC member Elizabeth Garlick reports

The Judah Hyam reform synagogue In Delhi lies mid-way between the chic Khan Market area and the India Gate monument, a peaceful oasis within the delightful chaos that is modern Delhi. I’d had an exchange of emails with Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar (see photo) prior to my arrival and eagerly looked forward to experiencing a Shabbat service in India.


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The Art of Torah Chanting - An Introduction to Leyning

Few IJC members are able to chant from the Sefer Torah . It takes practice. However, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment as one stands before the congregation and leyns or chants part of the weekly Torah portion. For the community, leyning is a beautiful enhancement of the service, combining the meaning of the text with ancient melodies. For the person chanting from the Torah, it is often an intense and spiritual experience.


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IJC’s Antwerp Tour

‘Winter is coming!’ and not only in Westeros. Dry but cold weather was predicted for the Antwerp Tour and boy, were they right! We started in the impressive main hall of the Antwerp Central Station with some traditional Antwerp cookies and chocolates “Antwerpse handjes” and the wonderful story of its creator, Jewish pastry baker Joseph Hakker.  Our guide from Expeditie de Stad took us to the Diamond Quarter and into the Jewish neighbourhood. The Word of the day must have been “Sloefkesdag” (slippers day) an Antwerp expression for Yom Kippur referring to the restrictions on wearing leather shoes.

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Meet Hebrew School Teacher - Oren Cohen

“I would like to start this short introduction on a personal note.  I want to thank the IJC for being such a wonderful community that has received me with open arms and made me feel at home right away!

I was born and raised in Israel and grew up in Haifa.  My parents had me 39 years ago, while my middle sister is 36 and the youngest 28. I grew up with traditional Moroccan and Yemeni roots and rituals which gathered us together every Friday for “Kiddush” around the family table.

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