Supporting Ukraine

Two weeks ago the world changed. The peaceful and prosperous life of the European continent come to a brutal end when Russia attacked Ukraine. Since the war erupted, this barbaric aggression has dominated our news and our lives. Diplomatic efforts were answered by escalation and a threat of nuclear war. 

At the IJC, we attempt to stay clear of taking sides in most political conflicts, but we cannot remain indifferent here about a humanitarian crisis. And though there’s rarely a clear-cut black-and-white situation in real life, the villain this time is clear: Russian president Putin and his dastardly entourage enablers.


The unbearable situation of the Ukrainian people has won over the whole world as they bravely fight against the invasion. Their leader, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a Jew, has become the personification of courage. Along with a million Ukrainian civilians, Ukraine’s Jewish community has been fleeing the war-torn country. 

 IJC member Juri Krivzov is from Ukraine. “I thank all my IJC friends for your words of support and prayers!,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Freedom is not free as we know as Jews and Europeans!’ 

There are various ways to support Ukraine. Juri’s suggestion is to help the Ukrainian defence forces:

BENEFICIARY: National Bank of Ukraine


IBAN DE05504000005040040066

PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: for crediting account 47330992708

Full details are available here.

 The United Nations and other humanitarian organizations are helping civilians to escape the war and find refuge. Donations to the Ukrainian Jewish community can be made through the World Union of Progressive Judaism

Another worthy recipient is HIAS. It is working to settle refugees in Poland and elsewhere.  Please use the following account number and add ‘Ukrainian Refugee Aid’ in the communication.


BE29 7360 6089 6664

Let's not abandon the Ukrainians at this crucial moment. We must support them in every way possible until peace is restored and they can once again live in a free country. It might take a long time, but it is our fervent prayer.

Anu Ristola

IJC President