Side by Side - IJC's New Home

As many of you know, we have been searching for a long-term home ever since the IJC came into existence. This has proved to be extremely challenging given our needs and our resources. Our current location will not be available for much longer so the IJC needs a new home. 

I am delighted to announce that we have an agreement to move to Beth Hillel from January 1, 2018.The boards of both communities are doing their utmost to make a co-habitation attractive and mutually fulfilling. Our Rabbis have met several times over the past months and our ‘Side by Side’ services earlier this year were viewed very positively by the vast majority of IJCers who attended.To be clear, this is not a merger. The IJC would share a location but operate separately from Beth Hillel; but of course there will be important synergies in terms of sharing space and in cooperating with each other. 

Let me mention some key advantages for the IJC – and they are really substantial: 

  • A home for all IJC activities with a quasi-permanent sanctuary, Hebrew School classrooms, a Rabbi’s office, library space, etc. 
  • Visibility: IJC will have a public address and its name on the door. 
  • Our community will have a real synagogue feel, atmosphere and energy.
  • Security - we can leverage all Beth Hillel’s security arrangements
  • Flexibility – the ability to plan events more easily and on days other than Shabbat.
  • Better public transport access and parking.

Given the times we live in, the IJC has constantly been delicately balancing security with (lack of) visibility. To have our name on the door, an address on our website, to be able to come ‘out’ is very exciting! We can openly say (including in writing) “this is us, this is where we are, find us here!” - an enormous departure from the past.

I am confident that sharing Beth Hillel’s space will help IJC not only to continue to exist, but to truly flourish. 

We are guaranteed the right to use our current location through December.  While IJC might be allowed to stay longer, planning and carrying out a move takes time.  With the target date of January 1, 2018, we can organize the move in stages over the autumn.  

If you have any questions or comments at this time, please let me know.


For the Board

Steven Brummel

September 1, 2017