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Security: Rules for Newcomers

Welcoming newcomers is of the greatest importance to us.  At the same time, nothing is more crucial than the safety of our members and visitors.  In these difficult times, none of us can afford to take short-cuts when it comes to security.  And, now that we have moved in with Beth Hillel, we are happy to follow their rules on security.

Anyone visiting us for the first time should send a copy of their ID card or passport to well in advance and preferably at least 7 days before their planned visit.   This will enable our administrator and security personnel to carry out the necessary checks.  

For the reasons already mentioned, this procedure also applies where long-standing members of our congregation are accompanied by relatives or friends.  Needless to say, in that case, it is helpful if the congregant concerned contacts us as well.   

If you are given the green light beforehand, please remember to bring along the ID which you sent us.  (In any case, for those new to Belgium, we should point out that anyone over the age of 12 who is resident in this country is expected to carry his or her Belgian ID card at all times.)  

In addition, if you are new to IJC, please do not be surprised if our security guard asks you several questions before admitting you to the synagogue.  In some cases, he may also carry out a search.

For your own good and for the protection of all our members, we rely on your understanding and co-operation.