Unlike most religious congregations in Belgium, IJC receives no funding from the Belgian State and needs your on-going support.

Please help us continue to thrive as the only progressive English-speaking Jewish community.

If you wish to support our organization, you can electronically send your contribution via Bank Transfer (preferred).

If this is not possible or you wish to pay by credit card - you can pay via PayPal (but we will incur a charge):

Bank Transfer PayPal

Account Name:
International Jewish Center vzw
Rue de Primeurs 80 Vroegegroentenstraat, 1190 Brussels

Bank: KBC Bank
IBAN: BE61 7350 0725 8517



U.S. tax-payers may make tax deductible donations to the U.S.-based Friends of the IJC.  

U.S. dollar donations should be made to the order of, and sent to:

American Friends of the IJC Belgium
c/o Sharon Light
2407 Colston Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910

E-mail address:

Please make a round number check and indicate the word, "donation".

United Kingdom

Charitable Giving to IJC for UK Taxpayers

As many of you know already, donations made to IJC in Belgium are not normally deductible for tax purposes. However, for any of our members/supporters who are tax payers in the UK (or who might have friends of relatives who are UK tax payers), IJC now has a facility via CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) to enable donations made to IJC to be uplifted by 25% “Gift Aid” payments in lieu of standard rate income tax. In addition, higher rate tax payers can reclaim the tax paid on the donation.

The minimum donation via this route is £250 – and the fee is £20 per donation + 4%. 

  • E.g. to donate approximately £1,000 to IJC a UK taxpayer would make a payment of £800 to CAF. Their CAF account would be credited with £968 (i.e. £800+ £200 reclaimed tax – 4% of 800 = £32 in fees) Each donation has an additional £20 fee – IJC receives £948.
  • In addition you can claim the difference between your highest marginal rate and the basic rate on your donation – so if you are paying tax at 40% - you will also receive a tax credit of £800 * 15% = £120. So the total donation of £948 received by IJC would cost £680 to the donor.

As with donations to American Friends, donations cannot be in lieu of fees where you receive a personal benefit (e.g. Hebrew School Fees or attending paid events).

If you think this may be of interest to you or friends and family in the UK – please contact David Sapiro ( for more details or see

(To donate overseas a CAF Charity Account is required.)