Religious Affairs Committee


The RAC is one of the most important committees of IJC. The committee members, in collaboration with the Rabbinical Intern, are responsible for organizing all services, as well as for developing and implementing IJC’s policies related to Jewish ritual and prayer. The RAC’s contributions are felt in all aspects of the IJC (family)’s religious life. Committee members represent as many of the diverse elements in the IJC community as possible.

We welcome all thoughts, suggestions and constructive comments. Please feel free to email the RAC or use this contact form. 

Brian Doyle - Chair and Board Liaison

Andres Boaz Mosquera          Peter Goldfein

Alexandra Varese                 Sarah Wheaton

Gabriel DeHam                    Jesse Karotkin

Mikael Garelick                     



In addition to its other work, the RAC coordinates the Gabbai Team. The Gabbaim, members of the team, help ensure the smooth running of the service. They also invite people at the service to participate at different points,  primarily during the reading of the Torah.

If there is a special occasion in your life that you would like to celebrate with (the) IJC (family), or something for which you would like the community’s support, please contact the rabbi or the gabbaim who will arrange the most appropriate means to do that at the upcoming service.

If you would like to give of your time and serve as a gabbai, please email



A small group of IJC members are able to chant from the Sefer Torah, the Torah scroll. It takes practice, but there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you stand before the congregation and leyn, chant, part of the weekly Torah portion. For many, transmitting the central text of the Jewish faith, sharing it in this way with those present at a Shabbat or holiday service is an intense, often spiritual experience. For the community, leyning is a beautiful enhancement of the service, through the meaning and melody. It can also be an intensely meaningful experience for the one who leyns.

We gladly welcome those who wish to learn how to leyn to join one of the, periodic courses in which leyning is taught. If you want  to learn, or already can leyn and would like to read a portion from the Torah, we want to hear from you at