Conversion Process

  • The first step of conversion is to contact the IJC. Please send a letter to the Rabbi at the IJC office explaining your interest, why you desire to become a Jew and what it means to you. We will contact you and invite you to attend services. The rabbi will want to meet you as well. Entry into the conversion program is at the discretion of the rabbi.
  • The conversion class itself spans 18 months.  Candidates join others from the community in learning about broad topics and then in sessions, meant exclusively for those in the conversion program, dive more deeply into the subjects. By the time a candidate completes the course of study s/he should have acquired a foundational knowledge of a wide range of topics and practices enabling one to lead a Jewish life.
  • The IJC welcomes all candidates for conversion at a ceremony celebrating their beginning this part of their journey towards becoming Jewish. When the candidates complete their course of study, they host the rest of the IJC community at a siyyum, where the last part of a Jewish text is taught and all enjoy a festive meal celebrating the learning and the opportunity with which the participants have been blessed.
  • During the entire period leading up to a conversion, candidates immerse themselves in all community activities. They meet with the rabbi every 6 months for a regular check in. Candidates attend services for Erev Shabbat- Friday night and Shabbat- Saturday morning as well as all Jewish holidays. They participate in various Jewish experiences with their mentors and with others and in addition, can take part in various other cultural, education and religious opportunities offered by Jewish organizations in Brussels and elsewhere.
  • After the conclusion of the course of study, candidates will appear before a Beit Din, a rabbinic court of three rabbis who will make a final determination about the candidate’s conversion.  Once the candidate has been accepted by the Beit Din and have adopted their Hebrew name, men have to be circumcised, and both male and female converts have the transformative experience of immersing in the mikveh, a ritual bath. From that moment on, the convert is fully Jewish in the eyes of Progressive Jews around the world.

For questions about the conversion process or for more information please email