Conversion classes

Judaism, as the IJC celebrates it, honors good people from all faiths.  Converting to Judaism is the final step in a journey that most often takes years. Some come to Judaism having Jewish roots and others desire to convert without that connection. The IJC is enriched by the many “Jews by Choice” who are part of the IJC family. We welcome those who desire to become Jewish, whether that is a confirmation of Jewish status for those who have a Jewish father or a Jewish grandparent or who want a conversion to Judaism and have no Jewish background.

Each cycle of the program runs for around eighteen months, in which time candidates for conversion should immerse themselves in all the activities of the community. They are expected to attend Shabbat, High Holidays and Festival services, participate in all the adult education opportunities on offer, as well as attend the specific conversion classes. 

Entry into the conversion program is at the discretion of those responsible for the program, and is usually preceded by an initial period spent getting to know the IJC community.

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