Celebration and Rededication


Our big move is almost upon us. On December 9th, our amazing volunteers will pack up the last of the boxes and move them from the AWC to our new home, the building we will share with our sister community Beth Hillel. Our last event of 2017 will be a Chanukah party on Saturday 16 December with havdalah (the short ceremony that marks the end of Shabbat) and a pot luck dinner. 



After breaking for winter school holidays, we’ll celebrate our first Shabbat at our new home on Friday night 6 January and Shabbat morning 7 January. Sometime early in 2018 we will celebrate the move and our new home in the shared premises. Stay tuned for more information.

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is also a celebration of dedication. When the Assyrian Greeks repurposed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem to worship the then emperor, some of the Jews of the time rose up in revolt. As their revolution succeeded and they reconquered Jerusalem, they were able to clean out the Temple and rededicate it to the service of God. Many of us know the story of the one small container of oil that was only supposed to last one day, but lasted for eight. That was part of the clean-up process. Wanting to re-kindle  the eternal light, the menorah they needed sanctified olive oil for that purpose and it was all that was left.  And they used it to re-dedicate the Temple to the worship of God.

On that level Chanukah is about hope and the possibility of change. It reconfirms for us that even if something has in some way become other than what we wished or what we remembered, it can be renewed and rededicated. The candles and the miracle of Chanukah remind us that we can remake things, take what is and move it in a new direction that better suits who we are and what we want. Ultimately, that we can move things out of the shadows into the light.