IJC Leuven becomes Ohel Yachdav

At a meeting in May 2016, representatives of the IJC Leuven group discussed our identity and what we would like to offer the fluid Jewish community in Leuven.


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Profile Paul Cohen

“The IJC has been a vital part of our lives since arriving in Brussels three years ago,” says member Paul Cohen.  At a time when “one’s Jewish identity cannot be taken for granted in a country where Jews are a tiny percentage of the overall population”, the IJC gives a real sense of community to Paul, Jessica and their boys Gabriel and Theo.  So Paul decided it was time to give back – and join the Board as the Hebrew School representative.


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Farewell Shabbat says Goodbye to Familiar Faces


The end of the academic year, the IJC holds its traditional “Farewell Shabbat”.  This took place the last weekend of May. The IJC is a synagogue community serving, for the most part, an international, ex-pat community.  And by its very nature, the IJC receives new members each year and sees others leave for destinations all around the world. Though members anticipate these predictable and regular departures, it doesn't make them any easier. 

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IJC Member to Host Radio Show

IJC member Daniel Kogut will start hosting a weekly broadcast of Brazilian music on Radio Judaica on Tuesdays at 8pm. Called ‘Soirées Brésiliennes’, the first show will air August 30.


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Homosexuality and Religion, Irreconcilable?


On 17 May, the Flemish Brabant group Leonardo LGBT organized the seminar ‘Homosexuality and religion, irreconcilable?’, an activity to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHO).  During the event, held in Leuven, representatives from the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Roman Catholic communities discussed this controversial topic from a theological and societal point of view. 


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IJC Shavuot Retreat 2016


The first IJC  Shavuot Retreat was a real success.

The atmosphere was as warm as the weather, the positive energy as great as the location,the outdoor services as inspirational as the study sessions and the food, well the food, …there are no words for the food!! 

A special thank you to Rav Ira, Veronika, Brian and Andres for leading us in study and dance! 


From the Rabbi: Marking life's journeys

We are nearly at the end of the ritual journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai. There is a Jewish tradition to count the seven weeks that lie between the Exodus (Passover) and when God gave us the Torah on Mount Sinai (Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks). It is a journey of transformation from slavery to nationhood, from being subjects to becoming responsible in a reciprocal covenantal relationship.


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