IJC Seder Impressions



Members and friends tell us in their own words what they thought were the highlights of the 2017 IJC Seder. 


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Favorite IJC Seder Memories


We asked four current and former IJC members from Brussels and around the world to share a favorite Seder memory. Barrie Boles, Judy Benchaya, Sharon Licht and Thomas Fleischer take us back in time….


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Large Turnout for "Side by Side" Shabbat Services


On January 27-28, IJC and Beth Hillel orchestrated “Side by Side” Shabbat services at the Beth Hillel location. “We wanted to maximize synergies and get to know each other better, says IJC President Steven Brummel. The physical space was divided into two areas, both on Friday night and Saturday morning, so that each congregation, led by its own rabbi, could hold Kabbalat Shabbat and Shacharit services as per usual. This required no small measure of logistical planning and proved enjoyable and fulfilling for all. The European Union of Progressive Judaism Chairman Miriam Kramer attended both sets of services.


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European Purim Poem Song Contest 5777


New IJC member Martin Salamon added a great poetic twist to recent Purim celebrations with the ‘European Purim Poem Song Contest 5777’.  He has been writing Purim quizzes for his progressive community Shir Hatzafon - based in Copenhagen - for some years - and happily for us brought his experience to IJC’s festivities. 


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Thank You from Navitas


Navitas is the charity the IJC supports with our annual food donation. They recently sent us the following note: “Again this year you organized a collection of non-perishable food items for our charity. We are touched by your loyalty towards us. 


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The Holocaust survivor and his 7,000 pieces of anti-semitic propaganda

 Parts of Belgian collector Arthur Langeman’s vast collection of anti-semitic propaganda are the subject of an exhibition which has just opened at the Caen-Normandy Memorial Museum, called Heinous Cartoons 1886-1945: The Anti-semitic Corrosion in Europe. 

IJC member Bill EChikson interviewed him recently for an article in The Guardian. 

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ORT Belgium trip to Ukraine - Kiev & Odessa

Save the dates: 10 - 19 May 2017 

Join a unique trip from Kiev to Odessa going thru Ouman. The trip will look into the history of the Jewish communities in this part of former Eastern Europe. Meet with officials and expect a lot of surprises … 

For more information and /or to sign up, please contact:  Charlotte.Gutman@ortbelgium.org or www.ortbelgium.org .