On a Razor’s Edge: Tracking my Lithuanian Roots


While many wives I know receive spa trips for their birthdays, I am always blessed with a thoughtfully organised trip to a place I may have casually mentioned as interesting to visit. Lithuania is one such place. Not for spas though. For roughly 10 years, I’ve muttered something about wanting to see where my paternal grandparents came from, check out some roots. Which is how we ultimately found ourselves, on a cold rainy day in April, traipsing alone through bleak birch woods, looking for the specific spot where my grandmother’s family was executed.


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New Kosher Restaurant in Brussels



La Mozzarella is a new kosher restaurant on the Brussels scene. Anneke Silverstein and Diana Kanter went along for lunch recently. Diana reports….

On a lovely warm spring day, Anneke and I are welcomed to La Mozzarella for lunch by Sagit Ben Natan – who is helping put this new Vegetarian/Italian restaurant on the Brussels map. Simply decorated, we walk through the dining room to eat on the large outdoor terrace. We pass conversations in French and Ivrit.


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2017 Musar Summer Academy June 22-23


Enjoy the unique transfer of knowledge in the authentic heart of Jewish Amsterdam. Experience a mix of English-language lectures and workshops about Mussar, Luzzatto and the unique Jewish history of Amsterdam. Keynote speakers include Alan Morinis and Rabbi Avi Fertig.


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Fasting with Interfaith Friends


On June 4th IJC member Brian Doyle took part in a panel discussion with Imam Ilber Redzepi and Bishop Luc van Looy (Ghent). Fasting and the rituals that go with it in Judaism, Islam and Christianity was the central theme. More than 70 people attended the event organized in Ghent.


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Mazel Tov to Keenan Ezra


Mazel Tov to Keenan Ezra, the most recent Bar Mitzvah of the IJC community.  During his dvar torah, Keenan spoke about the importance of preparation and good intentions.  He also spoke about justice and doing the right thing.  


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New Members Tell their Story


“Gabriele and I were both born in Germany. We were both born Christian. In 1992 I moved to Berkeley because I had been awarded a grant by the World Council of Churches. Gabriele moved to San Francisco in 1994 for her Post Doc. When we met in 1998 I was already deep in my conversion process. 


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IJC Seder Impressions



Members and friends tell us in their own words what they thought were the highlights of the 2017 IJC Seder. 


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