Chanukah Success!

The IJC Chanukah party held at member Lisa and Joris’ house on December 16 was a huge success. Lots of kids, families and many new faces joined in the fun.  This was IJC at its best!

Lisa and Joris live in a former 'temple' in Brussels built early last century by an eccentric 'cult' dedicated to 'healing', so festivities were held in a beautiful and welcoming space shaped like a church, complete with choir loft. (How about that for progressive?!)


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Facing the Shame



IJC member Diana Kanter was recently invited to her mother’s home town of Göttingen in Germany to attend a play about the Nazi years there, featuring her family.  Here is what happened.  

I am used to being contacted every so often by complete strangers telling me something about my German family that I do not know. So when Sara Oertel wrote to me late last year I wasn’t surprised. But what she had to say was amazing. 


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Reflections on a Wedding

Last September Stefano and I celebrated our wedding in the IJC with a kiddush and very emotional speeches from our dear friends and IJC family. This celebration was to share the special moments we had this summer - our wedding!


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IJC Chanukah Party: December 16


Please join us for IJC’s Annual Chanukah Party on December 16 from 15h. It will be held at a member’s home in Brussels. 

We will kick off with activities for the young and young-at-heart including a besamim (smelling spice) workshop, Havdalah, singing and candle lighting. At 17.30h there will be a pot luck dinner (latkes provided of course!). 


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Announcing Beutel Leadership Seminar

 The WUPJ Center for Leadership Development and Education invites you to join the Beutel Leadership Seminar, February 15-25, 2018 in Jerusalem.This annual seminar develops leadership skills, communication skills, Hebrew language skills, cultural diversity training and programmatic skills. It enables participants to increase their knowledge about Israel as a Jewish state and its connection to Jewish history and Judaism.  


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Thanking all Volunteers: Final push December 9


Talking about moving and actually getting down to the nitty gritty of doing it are two totally  different things! Thanks to a call for help from IJC Moving Committee chair George Perlov, IJC members came in numbers to help out.  Seeing so many people roll up their sleeves over two Saturday afternoons was positive, heartening and inspiring!


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EUPJ opens EU Office


The European Union for Progressive Judaism (EUPJ) is delighted to announce that it has opened a European Union Office (EUO).The office has been established in Brussels and is located at the building housing both Beth Hillel and the IJC, our EUPJ affiliate congregations in Brussels. 


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