Test news sep 6

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The IJC Community

The IJC and the Power of the Moment

Something happened on Sunday May 25 that drew me further into the IJC. It also drew IJC closer to the Belgian Jewish community. And it all came about thanks to Yale University’s a cappella choir Magevet and the power of music.

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Reflections on a Jewish Theme

For A New Year and a Better World- by Michael Schwartz


Tradition says this month, Elul, is a Hebrew acronym for “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” This theme is supposed to guide our preparations for the upcoming New Year.

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Jewish World

Political Activist Turned Mikveh Lady* - by Ilana Sumka


I’m a political activist by training, so I was as surprised as anyone to find myself teaching Tanakh, (Torah, Prophets and Writings) and Jewish law to a group of conversion students. 

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Hebrew School

IJC Hebrew School News - by Alex Licht


This year is a year for changes in our Hebrew School! Some are bidding farewell, others are being welcome. And a lot more is happening. Let's get up to date! 

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The IJC Youth

Israel Teen Trip Update


The IJC Youth was gearing up for a meaningful and rewarding experience: a group trip to Israel, with Rabbi Nathan. 

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The IJC Community

Rabbi Search at IJC - Meet the RSC


In order to begin the exciting work of identifying a new rabbi, IJC has embarked in a momentous search.

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