Calling all Dutch-speaking Brussels youngsters


Are you open to a challenging experience? Are you interested in dialogue and tough debate? Axcent has been organizing activities in Brussels for years and now they have a new project for this fall: a group trip for a week, all expenses paid, to Auschwitz /Birkenau and Cracow.


  • For whom: Dutch-speaking Brussels youth between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • When: 29 October – 2 November, plus two preparatory meetings on 14 & 21 October.
  • The purpose: To visit Auschwitz /Birkenau and the city of Cracow; to reflect on and talk about the camps and the issues of prejudice in various walks of life.
  • The cost: Transport, accommodation and all visits are paid for by Axcent. Any additional expenses are paid individually.

To find out more, contact  or call 0471/12.73.08. Read more here.

Axcent vzw is a pluralist association in Brussels addressing the diversity and complexity of religious and philosophical thoughtin our society.  The association is supported by the Flemish Community Commission (VGC).Axcent’s goal is  to contribute to rich dialogue and cooperation between people and communities with different beliefs.