Your favorite Jewish children's book - the PJ Library


We are excited to announce that PJ Library is giving us the opportunity to expand to Belgium for the first time. This is a wonderful US-based program that mails Jewish books and music to families with children from 6 months to 8 years every month.




Book selections in the program are chosen from among of the best Jewish children’s books and music. Their books are widely distributed in North America as well as Israel, Australia, UK and Singapore. 

Each PJ Library book arrives with an accompanying printed reading guide, providing information about the Jewish concepts relevant in the book. It suggests topics for discussion and activities aimed at enhancing the family reading experience. 

For more details click here to discover the PJ site. 


How will it work? 

Your child’s PJ Library book will arrive once a month for 10 months. Subscriptions are classified into 8 age ranges, one for each age category, baby to 8 years’ old. PJ Library books can be collected at the IJC after Shabbat services. 

How to sign up? 

Please sign up here and fill out the registration form.  The annual subscription fee is 50 euro/child.  However please consider payment of 75 euros to help cover the cost for others in need. 

We think this is a wonderful program, and we would like to spread the love for books to as many IJC families as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Alexander or feel free to call her at 0491633963.  Shelly Alexander is a new IJC member who previously ran the PJ Library program at the UHC in Singapore.