Lecture Series: Dancing with the Enemy



Paul Glaser chanced upon a family secret and the hidden life of his Aunt Rosie by accident. Intrigued, he set out to discover more. It took many years to assemble the pieces but gradually a fascinating picture emerged.



Now that the Second World War has receded into history, this is another, very personal story. It is an account of the unmasking of a family secret, a timeless story of character and survival.

In his multimedia presentation, Paul Glaser brings the shocking and compelling story of his aunt vividly to life. It is also told in a moving book which is now available in Dutch and English.

The Dutch title is "Tante Roosje", the English version is called "Dancing with the Enemy" and was translated into English by our own Brian Doyle!

We hope that you will turn out in large numbers to hear his fascinating talk on October 15, 2017 at 7:30 pm 

Please contact info@ijc.be for the address. 

This lecture invitation is open to non-members as well as to IJC members. Entrance fee - 5 Euros.

Volunteers are needed to make or buy cakes/cookies/fruit for the lecture. Please contact annenglander@fastmail.fm